January 2023

Soooooo chuffed and honoured to be on the team setting up the next big exhibition 'Tartan' at V&A Dundee. Being trained by an amazing expert who worked on the Dior and the McQueen shows at the London V&A, then three days a week for three months of costume mounting prior to the opening in April. 
I designed my own expanded macro tartan print and made this Airtex T shirt dress especially for the opening night... wore it with all black so it really popped!

January 2022 

I  got interviewed from Venice! Rather lovely... got invited to take part in a research project.Just had time for a quick swig before starting #dontspeaktomebeforecoffee

 Watch this space! 

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Kindred Clothing...

My SHE TOWN project...


Funded by the Visual Artist & Craft Makers Award from Leisure & Culture Dundee and Creative Scotland, designer Tracey Stewart presents SHE TOWN, a remembrance and celebration of the extraordinary mill women of Dundee.

Three weekly parts will begin with the story of the mill women and continue on to focus on the design development process, featuring elements of the contemporary clothing and the creation of a capsule collection intended for home-maker patterns.

This work will be shown on her YouTube channel,Tracey & Min’.  

You can also join the designer for live Q&A sessions on her channel or any of her digital platforms at the launch of each stage.

Part One... Launching Sunday 30th May at 10:00...  Live Q&A 13:00-14:00
Part Two... Launching Sunday 6th June at 10:00... Live Q&A 13:00-14:00
Part Three... Launching Sunday 13th June at 10:00Live Q&A 13:00-14:00

Tracey and Min channel:
Q&A Platforms:
http://facebook.com/minscotland http://www.instagram.com/minatelierdundee http://linkedin.com/in/tracey-stewart-26050526/ http://www.min.scot/findcontact-min mailto:minscotland@yahoo.com
Facebook event:

Our first ever digital group show!
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My new channel just launched!
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Wasps and Project1 are delighted to present FORM...

Throughout December, designer Tracey Stewart will be resident in the gallery space taking part in a project supported by Wasps and Project1, the Meadow Mill curation panel.

This is the first in a series of mini retrospectives taking place over the coming year.

Tracey will be using this opportunity to present FORM, a visual journey through her work, past and present, and record her reflections at this stage of her career and her plans for the future development of her practice.

FORM will be premiered on YouTube, to coincide with the launch of her channel 'Tracey and Min', on Sunday 27th December at 14:00.

Tracey will be online at the following times to host live Q&As on both the YouTube channel and our Wasps Dundee Facebook page:

Premier Sunday: 27th 14:00 - 15:00

Monday 28th: 14:00 - 15:00

Tuesday 29th: 14:00 - 15:00




I been given a VACMA  for my new project starting in January 2021

Watch this space!

I did a thing! Click on the pic to view,,,


I had the great joy, before the lockdown, of being commissioned by V&A Dundee to complete the pattern & garment construction for these four dresses from the amazing students' beautiful textile designs for their fabulous 21st Century Quant project!  These garments will be displayed at V&A Dundee,  alongside their Mary Quant exhibition.  Click on the pic to view...

Interviewed by Dundee City Council for a feature on fashion design!


My sessions at the V&A 2019 to 2020

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14 September 2018

Contracted as a Designer for V&A Dundee! Keep an eye out for details of my events.

Yay!... Got interviewed for an article in super cool i-D magazine! 


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Great wee video from the university about Andrew Scott... including some footage of him in Min studio during his workshop sessions! 






… The garments are not only thoughtfully designed - they are outstanding on a technical level. A beautifully-shaped seamless hood is just one example of the level of skill that has gone into the pattern cutting, and the quality of the construction of the garments is evident in the level of finishing.

… In short, Tumadh: Immersion is nothing short of brilliant. This is a minimalist show packed with big ideas. It fuses craft, art and design, and offers a considered and thought-provoking exploration of the relationship between the things we wear - materials, design and making - and the places we wear them.

One last thing: Here's our #STVmostread across Scotland today

By Katherine Palmer on Thursday 24 April 2014

Dundee based popstar come designer rocks the catwalk with new fashion line.

After an exciting career as a popstar, Tracey Stewart turned her attention to design.

Our Siobhan McFadyen caught up with her to talk about her new pret-à-porter bespoke service for fashion lovers in Dundee and beyond.

Take a Min to meet the pop princess turned fashion star





By Siobhan McFadyen

Wednesday 24th April 2014


If you asked designer Tracey Stewart what inspired her to launch a fashion career, you might be surprised by her answer.

It's been almost three decades since she tip-toed into the industry following a successful stint as a pop star - complete with an unlimited clothing budget.

At 19, Tracey packed a suitcase, left her home in Glasgow's west end and headed off to London for her job as a musician which came complete with an 'unlimited' clothing allowance.

But rather than continue down a musical path, her passion for music morphed into a love of fashion and she's never looked back.


After a lengthy career which saw her graduate from Cardonald College in Glasgow and Edinburgh College of Art, take up The Accademia Di Belle Arti scholarship in Milan and go on to a successful teaching career, she is not only one of the UK's brightest sartorial stars - she's also taught a few too.


"I was a professional musician before I studied fashion," says Tracey.

"I was in my first band, SunSun, when I was 17. We were signed to a Glasgow music company called Marvel Music.

"Then, when I was 19, I auditioned for a band called Seven, and before I knew it I was working in London.

"The band was made up of some really talented musicians, we were signed to Polydor, I was always a resident of two cities, jumping between London and Glasgow.

"It's how I got interested in fashion. I had an 'unlimited' clothing budget from Polydor. In fact, I shot the cover of our album with Neil Kirk, who is a world-famous fashion photographer and from there I was hooked."

At the end of next month, Tracey, who has been teaching most recently at Dundee College, will launch her Min line for fashion lovers everywhere and she's hoping to set new trends in digital buying with a plan to sell her work on fashion site ASOS.


She added: "I was inspired to call the label Min, as it was my Mum's nickname - it's in her memory. My mum had been a model and had always inspired my interest in fashion, as she was so beautiful and could wear anything. She has always inspired me to go after my dreams.


"And now I am excited to launch my label, I've started working from Wasp Studios which has been great as there's so many creative people around and you get lots of ideas and inspiration."

Through years of studio work involving design, pattern cutting, tailoring and sewing, Tracey has developed a unique technique and is now breathing new life into the vintage T-shirt market.

And her approach to the contemporary corset is getting fashionistas excited.


"This particular one is made from two T-shirts that are exactly the same. I have quite exacting standards," adds Tracey, who has had a lot of interest in her Manga corset.

"It takes a lot of attention to detail to make something like this, but when I know that my customers are happy that's all that matters."


The next step for Tracey is to build an awareness of her brand, but who would she like to see wearing her clothes?

"There's so many interesting people out there… I just want all of my customers to look and feel great in the clothes. That's the ultimate compliment."